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Premier Atlanta Real Estate has been on the cutting edge with the use of technology and the internet since the early 2000s and we are still the only local company that can say they have been on the first page of Google for over a decade for the most competitive keywords including “atlanta real estate” and 100’s more. This is a testament to our dedication to excellence, the internet, and technology itself. We find it odd that so many real estate companies tout their technology as “the best” or even go so far as to try and rebrand themselves as “tech” companies instead of real estate. We think that’s a mistake!

Our Broker, Ryan Ward, literally has been at the forefront of technology development in real estate since the early 2000s. He’s on the Technology Forum for the Georgia Association of Realtors. He’s helped test and create MLS systems, multiple CRMs and numerous digital systems we use on a daily basis today. Here’s what he has to say about technology:

Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward, Managing Broker/Owner

“Technology constantly changes and we can get bogged down trying to keep up. As a brokerage, we stay at the forefront of technology, generally offer the best for our agents and understand the highest and best use is to make our interactions and communications with people more efficient and organized. It shoul dnever be thought of as a replacement for human contact and interaction.” – Ryan Ward, Managing Broker/Owner, Premier Atlanta Real Estate

Advanced Search Tools For Clients

The Premier Atlanta Real Estate search tools separate us from our competitors and you from yours. We are always improving these features and keeping ahead of the curve. By using the Premier Atlanta Real Estate website instead of FMLS for your clients, you will give them a much better user experience with a beautiful, easy to use layout and send them the same listings available in both  FMLS and GAMLS.

It’s easy to use, free for our agents, and packs a suite of tools designed to stand out from the competition and showcase you as a Premier Agent in our market. Everything is automatically customized to you and your brand so you can get set up and showcasing your skills in no time.

A CRM Built For Your Business

Your CRM is built to hold and communicate with your database. The Premier Atlanta Real Estate CRM has built-in tools to make this simple for you to follow up with existing clients and everything you need to convert new business. The Premier Atlanta Real Estate CRM is incredibly flexible and well-rounded. It delivers on its purpose of helping you effectively move deals through your sales pipeline and then getting out of your way including an app to work while you are on the go. Your Premier Atlanta Real Estate CRM is perfect no matter what stage of business you are in.

No Ordinary CRM

This isn’t like other CRMs you’ve looked at and it’s better than AI (artificial intelligence). We have built over 350 intelligent automations that track user behavior, automatically schedule tasks, communicate with your leads and help move them through the buying and selling process so you can spend more time doing the important tasks with your clients.

CRM Features

Here is a list of some of the features our CRM offers you so you can efficiently work with your clients, provide premier service and stay organized:

Action Plans – Assign fully automated follow-up plans that include any sequence of emails, texts, and ringless voicemail messages.

Dialer – Call any lead from the CRM or build custom call lists to dial through a group of leads in a single session.

Text Messaging – Manage text message conversations with leads and clients from a single platform on desktop and mobile and never lose track of a conversation.

Ringless Voicemail – Record and send ringless voice mail messages directly to leads and contacts and build them within fully automated action plans.

Mass Messaging – Send mass messages to your leads and contacts via email, text, or ringless voicemail.

Tags – Create a clear picture of any lead using tag combinations that can be used to build filters and organize your database.

Smart Filters – Build custom filters from an extensive list of advanced search criteria to dial into a specific group of related leads.

Activity Tracking – Track the communication and engagement activity within a simple to use dashboard and keep up with important conversations.

Search Activity – Get a clear picture of what your leads and contacts are searching for on the website, from every property viewed, saved, and shared.

Listing Alerts – Create custom listing alerts for your leads and contacts that trigger emails with new properties that meet their criteria.

Market Reports – Create custom market reports for each lead and contact in your database for an easy way to provide value automatically.

Lead Generation

We can provide managed PPC lead generation for you with leadflow that integrates directly into our CRM with all of the incredible lead follow up systems we have in place.

You’re in Control

You set the budget and decide what kind of leads you want. You can turn it on and off when you want and you can select the area you would like the leads to flow from. Take your lead generation to the next level without the work required to get started on your own.

Open House Integration

Our CRM is so smart, you can take a tablet to an open house and use it for your sign in sheet and have leads flow directly into the CRM.

Simple To Use

Once the leads flow into the CRM, the system will set them on saved searches and create action plans for the leads and tasks for you. This is the kind of technology that helps agents be more prodictive and sell more houses!

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