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Beautiful and professional marketing is essential for a successful real estate career. Without it, you and your real estate brand will be lost in a sea of agents. Your brand is also a representation of you and your values both personally and professionally. Premier Atlanta Real Estate provides an exclusive brand that presents you as a Premier Agent in your market. A true real estate professional that recognizes the importance of service, education, integrity, technology, hard work, training, and marketing. These qualities help you demonstrate to consumers that working with you is the right choice for them.

Creating beautiful marketing materials is time consuming and can be very difficult as well. A unified visual experience is critical to the success of a marketing campaign and all of the materials that supplement your marketing should say something about you as an individual and as an agent.

Your Own Canva Pro Account

To help you provide polished marketing materials, we provide your own Canva Pro account with templates and a suite of marketing materials you can use in your business right away for social media and print. There are social media templates, single page flyers for listings 4 page brochure templates and more so you don’t have to rethink your entire brand when you join us. Templates come ready to use. Just drag and drop your photos and content right into the pieces, download them and they are available right away. It’s that simple!

Premium Buyer Guide Example

Premium Marketing Templates

We also have pre-designed premium marketing pieces for our agents as well as done-for-you marketing packages to send beautifully designed just listed/just sold cards, farming campaigns, and flyers so our agents can focus on serving our clients with the premier marketing materials in real estate. Premium marketing templates can be created for you and customized for you, your team, your logo, and your personal brand.

Ready For Print

Here is an example of a premium customized buyer guide. A perfect use case would be when you meet a possible buyer client for the first time or for a buyer consultation. This guide shows your potential new clients that you are a true professional, provides them with the content they need to learn about the process, and will differentiate you from any other agent they are interviewing.

Guides, Flyers and More…

We have precreated a number of the most used and most important marketing pieces that are commonly used by agents to make it as cost effective and fast as possible to get started with marketing that will set you apart. We can also connect you with our designer who can work with you on any custom projects you would like built as well.

8-Page Flyer

Listing Guide

Canva Template Example

Canva Template Example

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