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The right real estate brokerage can help build your career and achieve your goals. We believe that a successful real estate agent combines the skill set of a highly trained professional with someone who can deliver uncompromising service to their clients. Premier Atlanta Real Estate is committed to helping you become the best agent you can be. We have mentorship, training, support, and resources for new agents, agents in a growth stage of their career, rainmakers, and teams.

We differentiate Premier Atlanta Real Estate from other brokerages by combining a boutique, premium brand with premier marketing and the versatility of an independent brokerage to adapt, train and change with the market in ways large companies simply can’t compete with.

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We are here for our agents. You can be confident knowing that when you have contract questions, unique scenarios, pricing variables, negotiation strategies, or any of the various other situations you may find yourself in need of support from as a real estate agent there will be someone available to help you.

Support can mean different things to different people, we understand that. We are committed to helping our agents achieve their goals, grow their businesses, stay trained and provide mentorship so they can deliver the Premier Real Estate Experience. Sometimes, you may need to run a scenario by someone else just to be sure you have thought about it the right way, and sometimes you may need some very specific resources to ensure you are representing your client properly. Either way, we are here to help you.


As a learning based real estate brokerage, we strive to offer training that actually help our agents be more successful in the business. We teach timely topics at our brokerage meetings based on changes that are taking place in the market or are on the horizon so you are prepared when you need to be. We provide in-depth market statistics so you are knowledgeable and articulate about the market. We also have a Grow Your Business series taught by our managing broker, Ryan Ward, with weekly training on important lead generation techniques so you can sell more houses.

Training is ongoing and we constantly update or add training topics to suit the needs of our agents and the ever changing real estate market.

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Mentorship can transform the career trajectory of a real estate agent. It allows newer agents to join and become Premier Agents as they gain experience during the formative stages early in their careers and ensures that the Premier Real Estate Experience is provided to their clients without mistakes. You’ll learn how to deliver a premier service experience to your clients and other industry professionals which will build a strong foundation to grow your business.

Mentorship is available to anyone regardless of where you are in your career. New agents will be mentored for a minimum of one transaction but can opt-in for more.

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Education is so important to us that we opened our own real estate school, Thrive Real Estate Academy. Our own school allows us to offer free continuing education to our agents and to do so with real, helpful classes.

So often, real estate schools offer the same boring classes that don’t actually help you be a better agent to help consumers, reach your goals and be a better agent. Thrive Real Estate Academy offers a post-license, 25-hour course called Kickstart that gives you the tools to get started right away and will offer meaningful education about Atlanta, staging, lead generation, and much more.

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We believe that real estate is still local and that technology can help us do our job better but can not replace us. Premier Atlanta Real Estate has been on the cutting edge of the use of technology and the internet in real estate since the early 2000s and we are still the only local company that can say they have been on the first page of Google for over a decade for the most competitive keywords including “atlanta real estate” and 100’s more. This is a testament to our dedication to excellence, the internet, and technology.

We also know that Technology will only get you so far if you don’t have the systems in place to stay organized and implement those systems. We have tested, changed, updated, and constantly improved our technology and systems for more than  15 years and believe we have the best CRM in the real estate industry to manage your clients and convert your leads. Our transaction management software is tested and proven and allows you to get paid at closing.

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Beautiful and professional marketing is essential for a successful real estate career. Without it, you and your real estate brand will be lost in a sea of agents. Your brand and how it is presented is also a representation of you and your values both personally and professionally.

We provide you with marketing tools and materials to showcase your skills. Each agent receives a Canva Pro account with professionally designed brand templates that have already been created to quickly showcase your work on social media and print. We also have pre-designed farming materials, listing presentations, buyer consultation books and marketing pieces designed and created by marketing professionals you can quickly customize and make your own.

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Premier Design & Remodel

Premier Design & Remodel is a game changer for our agents and it can be for you also. It will help you win and sell more listings. All of us in the real estate industry know that homes that have today’s styles and trends attract more buyers, sell for more money and do so faster than homes that still need updates. Keeping up with those trends, styles, colors and textures is a full time job and generally isn’t the best use of time for a real estate agent.

Lisa Ward, co-owner of Premier Atlanta Real Estate, runs Premier Design & Remodel. She is a certified home stager and a seasoned home design and remodeling professional. This is a complete home remodeling and design service with a specific mission to update a home to sell for the most money possible through careful design and budget considerations to only make improvements with more than a 1 to 1 return wherever possible.

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The Premier Atlanta Real Estate office is conveniently located in Alpharetta between North Point Mall and Avalon. We have 2 conference rooms that can be reserved by our agents for use for meetings, a small training space for masterminds and a large training room used for larger events. You can search Atlanta homes for sale on our real estate website here.

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