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Mentorship can transform the career trajectory of a real estate agent. It allows newer agents to join us and become Premier Agents as they gain experience during the formative stages early in their careers and ensures that the Premier Real Estate Experience is provided to their clients without mistakes.

Mentorship Available For Anyone

Mentorship is not only for brand new agents. It can have a positive impact on the career of an agent at any stage of their career. We offer different levels of mentorship depending on your unique situation. You might want a single transaction management so you can hone your skills quickly or you may be transferring in from another state and need someone to invest time and information with you from contracts to how the buying and selling process works in Georgia and all of the details you need to know to provide exceptional service to your clients.

Ryan and Lisa Ward, Mentors

Ryan and Lisa Ward, MentorsRyan and Lisa run our Mentorship Program. Both are extremely well trained and experienced in helping agents succeed in real estate. They have a passion for everything real estate and get joy from being able to impart that knowledge to other agents to help them grow in their careers.

Lisa and Ryan are also instructors at Thrive Real Estate Academy where they teach numerous CE classes and a 25-hour post license course required for new agents in their first year in the business. Their training and experience give them a wealth of knowledge to share and their value to agents simply can’t be overstated.

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